We spend an average of 6 hours per day consuming digital media. Make sure it’s the right digital media.

We are a people-first digital media publishing company.

We publish Free, Creative Commons, Open Source, and Public Domain content.

We are also available for custom digital media for your cause or brand.

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We believe that we are fast approaching a cyberpunk dystopia. Some could argue that we’re already there.

The problem with cyberpunk is that the genre was supposed to warn us of what not to do, and instead we dove into it head first.

Approaching Utopia exists to take us out of dystopia and into utopia.

We are cyberpunks building a better world.

Remember: Utopia starts with yoU.

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Politically, we are post-partisan. We strongly believe in unity. When it comes down to it, we all want the same things. We just have different ideas of how to get there. Instead of fighting about our differences, we need to be focused on what we agree upon, and how we can come together to build a better world.

Climate Change and Sustainability

We take the stance that whether or not climate change is really happening (we think it is), and if it is (it is), whether or not it’s exacerbated by humans (we believe it is), sustainability is a positive thing for all of us, all the time, always.

So, we support sustainability efforts including but not limited to Net Zero building, recycling/upcycling, anti-consumerism, etc etc etc.

This is also why all of our media is digital. We do not sell many physical products, and when we do, we try to make sure they’re sustainably sourced.

Organizations We Support