Here are a list of projects by Approaching Utopia, LLC.

Learn information security and privacy for small businesses with the Your Secure Life podcast.

Get royalty-free ambient, industrial, and techno music for your movie, podcast, or other media projects, by megabyteGhost.

Hire a Buddhist (me, Garrett Mickley) to bring you more customers with simple and ethical marketing.

Trade-in your bulky, slow, and hard to use website for a minimal, fast, and accessible website at

Build yourself a lifestyle where you can work where you want and when you want without ever having to wake up to a morning alarm ever again with the No Alarms Club podcast.

Coming Soon: Learn how Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Operations Security (OPSEC), and Social Engineering are being used to save people’s lives (and how you can get involved) at #OSINTSavesLives.