Open Financials

One thing that’s important to me is that our financials be open. Every once in a while, I will update this page with information on what we’ve been spending money on, and what money we’ve been receiving.

Latest Update: 2022-11-21

I’m looking at my credit card statement and I’m embarassed about the amount of unused subscriptions I’m paying for.

$29/mo to b2bWritingSuccess, someting I don’t do anymore.

$29/mo to the Professional Writer’s Alliance. I don’t know if I need to be a part of this.

$39/mo to Podia (aff), which is a really awesome platform, but everything I do there can be done on the Approaching Utopia website.

$59/mo to ConvertKit (aff), my current email distribution software. I have a lifetime account with SendFox (aff), which I should be using instead. Or MailPoet (aff) which appears to connect to WooCommerce (aff) for free.

Just a quick look and I’m at $156/mo.

I bet I can find more things to cancel.

Also, I’ve really gotta cut this Humble Book Bundle habit but there‚Äôs always so many good books.