Automattic and WordPress Want to Save Journalism

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.3 Announcing Newspack – Newspack Automattic Inc, the parent company of, is joining with other news industry leaders to develop an advanced open-source publishing and revenue-generating platform for news organizations.  The effort is designed to address some of the persistent obstacles to creating economically sustainable models for journalism, particularly at the… Read More

It turns out sustainability *is* cheaper.

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.2 Utilities pledge to go 100% carbon-free—and admit it’s cheaper — Quartz Two US electric utilities have promised to go 100% carbon-free—and admit it’s cheaper. This is a fantastic sign for the future. Finally, sustainability is taking priority and the capitalists are starting to be convinced. DerbyCon 9.0 – Every Beginning Has… Read More

We have been shadow banned from

We will be using to link to the page as to not give them any “link juice”, as well as protect your identity when you view their pages. says they believe in free speech. We discovered their site through a HackerNews link on Mastodon that shared an article of theirs, “Google’s ‘Good Censor’… Read More

Exclusive Song TODAY ONLY and Support Voter Rights

#FightLikeHell Voting is, like, the absolute minimum you should be doing politically, right? I feel like that’s pretty much a non-partisan agreement. Everyone should be voting. The truth is, a lot of people are NOT voting. Some of that is because they don’t know what’s up. Some of them are being prevented from voting by… Read More