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Getting tired of your data being used? Me too.

It's really frustrating to me that we keep hearing stories about our data being used without our permission. Here's he…

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Living your best life.

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.7 The newsletter is back this week with a focus on living a better life and contributing…

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An Alternative Web Awaits Us

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.6 In this newsletter, we’re going to introduce you to the Fediverse, the concept of the IndieWeb…

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Create without spending huge amounts of money

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.5 Ethical Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud Really excited about this list we found today.  We’re looking…

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Approaching Utopia Music is Now Free!

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.4 Cyberpunk Music – Approaching Utopia Our music is now free! Not only is it free for…