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Getting tired of your data being used? Me too.

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.8

It’s really frustrating to me that we keep hearing stories about our data being used without our permission. Here’s he latest one: IBM didn’t inform people when it used their Flickr photos for facial recognition training.

I’m afraid to look and see if I even still have a Flickr account…I should just go look.

Personally, I’m not even really comfortable with the thought of facial recognition in the first place. That’s why I removed all images of myself from Facebook as soon as they started that up. I replaced all my photos with glitched photos of me that were semi-recognizable to people, but didn’t trigger the “would you like to tag this person?” box.

That said, my iPhone is still using facial recognition to organize my photos, so, /shrug-guy.

Let’s get to some happier stuff!

In GOOD news, we’ve got New Mexico becoming the third state to legally require 100% renewable energy. This is definitely kind of tough because on one hand, I don’t particularly care for the government forcing citizens to do something. On the other hand, I also believe this is ultimately good for everyone on Earth.

I previously reported that sustainable energy is cheaper now. Ideally, government regulation wouldn’t be necessary because businesses and municipalities would both see that sustainable energy is better for everyone not just in the long run, but immediately now.

Unfortunately, it seems that many are still invested in unsustainable resources and want to continue to milk it out as long as they can.

Ever think you’re too old to start something new, like a new skill?

This dude is 72 years old, now, but he started learning to make beats at 66. Now he’s producing well known music. Only 6 years of learning and practice. And past retirement age!

Don’t ever tell me you’re too old for a new skill or hobby or endeavor.

That’s all I got for you this week. See you next week!


Living your best life.

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.7
The newsletter is back this week with a focus on living a better life and contributing to the world!
[Living] The Good-Enough Life
The desire for greatness can be an obstacle to our own potential.

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Education For Creators – Tiny Little Businesses
If you create, you can change the world. Here’s how.
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The A11Y Project
A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.

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Thanks for reading! – The Approaching Utopia Team
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An Alternative Web Awaits Us

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.6
In this newsletter, we’re going to introduce you to the Fediverse, the concept of the IndieWeb (maybe not what you think), and some great advice based on how Leonardo Da Vinci lived his life.
20 Life Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci
We may never be able to match the talents of one of history’s greatest geniuses, but his life offers a wealth of lessons.

We found this to be a very inspiring post to read.

How great would it be if everyone in the world applied these principals to our lives?

The IndieWeb is the idea and movement that we don’t have to leave all of our online data to corporate control.

This site will give you the down-low on it, as well as how you can get started. Or, if you’re like us, get involved.

A Fediverse Guide for those who have no idea what the Fediverse even is.

It’s really cool. We love it, and we believe it is the future of the internet.

Web 3.0?
Thanks for reading! – The Approaching Utopia Team
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Create without spending huge amounts of money

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.5

Really excited about this list we found today. 

We’re looking into getting back into game design and development, and these tools could get us there.

If links are what makes the web special, it’s up to us to make sure they work for everyone! 

Gian delivers the last word in accessible links .

Today we were reading an article about a hacker kid who made fake bomb threats and ran a DDoS-for-hire group that attacked protonmail servers at least once. 

They were also ProtonMail users. 

It turns out ProtonMail, our encrypted mail service of choice (and vpn) colluded w/ government(s) to catch him. 

Is that okay? We did some digging.

Thanks for reading! – The Approaching Utopia Team

Approaching Utopia Music is Now Free!

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.4

Our music is now free!

Not only is it free for you to download and enjoy, but you can also use it in any non-commercial project you want.

That means:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube/PeerTube videos
  • Games
  • Etc
As long as they’re not commercial and you give proper attribution.
Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you buy or sign up for things that you didn’t mean to. 

The purpose of this site is to spread awareness and to shame companies that use them.

This guy figured out the path to making money while working on Free Open Source Software full time.

It’s a tough path, but it’s possible.

That’s all We’ve got for you this week. See you next week!

-the Approaching Utopia staff.
Approaching Utopia, LLC