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By Approaching Utopia Staff •  Updated: 02/06/19 •  1 min read
Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.5

Really excited about this list we found today. 

We’re looking into getting back into game design and development, and these tools could get us there.

If links are what makes the web special, it’s up to us to make sure they work for everyone! 

Gian delivers the last word in accessible links .

Today we were reading an article about a hacker kid who made fake bomb threats and ran a DDoS-for-hire group that attacked protonmail servers at least once. 

They were also ProtonMail users. 

It turns out ProtonMail, our encrypted mail service of choice (and vpn) colluded w/ government(s) to catch him. 

Is that okay? We did some digging.

Thanks for reading! – The Approaching Utopia Team

Approaching Utopia Staff