An Alternative Web Awaits Us

By Approaching Utopia Staff •  Updated: 02/13/19 •  1 min read
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In this newsletter, we’re going to introduce you to the Fediverse, the concept of the IndieWeb (maybe not what you think), and some great advice based on how Leonardo Da Vinci lived his life.
20 Life Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci
We may never be able to match the talents of one of history’s greatest geniuses, but his life offers a wealth of lessons.

We found this to be a very inspiring post to read.

How great would it be if everyone in the world applied these principals to our lives?

The IndieWeb is the idea and movement that we don’t have to leave all of our online data to corporate control.

This site will give you the down-low on it, as well as how you can get started. Or, if you’re like us, get involved.

A Fediverse Guide for those who have no idea what the Fediverse even is.

It’s really cool. We love it, and we believe it is the future of the internet.

Web 3.0?
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