It turns out sustainability *is* cheaper.

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.2 Utilities pledge to go 100% carbon-free—and admit it’s cheaper — Quartz Two US electric utilities have promised to go 100% carbon-free—and admit it’s cheaper. This is a fantastic sign for the future. Finally, sustainability is taking priority and the capitalists are starting to be convinced. DerbyCon 9.0 – Every Beginning Has… Read More

We have been shadow banned from

We will be using to link to the page as to not give them any “link juice”, as well as protect your identity when you view their pages. says they believe in free speech. We discovered their site through a HackerNews link on Mastodon that shared an article of theirs, “Google’s ‘Good Censor’… Read More

Is ProtonMail Trustworthy?

Today I was reading an article about a hacker kid who made fake bomb threats and ran a DDoS-for-hire group that attacked protonmail servers at least once. They were also ProtonMail users. The Problem It turns out ProtonMail, my encrypted mail service of choice (and vpn) colluded w/ government(s) to catch him. ProtonMail got angry… Read More